Coin master virtual machine reading and understanding

This element are very useful in coin master game to clear the village successfully.Every coin master player should know the uses of this element effectively.i have explained the details of element as follow:


3 Hammer:

Hammer in coin master allow you to attack another user village and destroy it.You may get chance to attack another user village after hitting 3 hammer in virtual slot machine. In the attack mode, you have option to attack on any everyone have chance to take revenge from attacker. Remember the hammer can be only used one time after then it will vanish. Hammer hit can be stop using shields,If your opponent is using shields to defend his village.Hammer will break the shield and then it will disappear.

3 Shields:

The shields keep your village from being attacked. You can have three of these at any one time.Every time you get attacked,you will lose one shield until you have lost them all. In that case, the protection of your village becomes of the highest importance.After losing all three shield,attacker will be rewarded with coins.

3 Rubber pigs:

When you get a combination of 3 pigs,you can get a chance to steal their can go to someone's village and steal their coins.4 option is available to dig out of which you have the option to dig 3 spots and if you have pets then you can dig all four spots.These is most powerful feature in coin master.

3 Spins

5 spins every hour is coin master spin reward means 120 spin a day.Apart from this you may see blue colored size capsule on right side of can get additional spin by watching promotional videos.After hitting 3 colored bar on virtual will received 10 spin.if you are playing in multiple of x2 then you will receive 20 spin and so on.

Coin master is also sharing spin link on facebook,twitter and instagram too.

3 Coins:

Matching 3 coins will give you more currency depending on your level. Higher level player will receive more coin and so on.

3 Coin pouches:

Getting 3 pouches at a time is a better than having coins. They provide better amount of money in comparison to coin. You can get hundreds of thousands of coins from this. If you get a combination of pouches you can easily proceed further in your game and buy more things in your village.